Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pencil Case - crafted with LOVE

Assalamualaikum and hye

:: craft update ::
Adorable Pencil Cases

#1 - order Wanie from Selangor
she requested a combination of black and brown color,, with few buttons sebagai penyeri.. but then my black felt stock tinggal sket and dah reserved untuk order customer lain, adehh ~ so jd lah macam gambar kat bawah,, xde warna hitam [ade la letak sket kat love ballon tu]. Sorry ye wanie.

.lately having so much 'fun' being a workaholic person.
.work from early mornin' till late night.
.even working on sunday also (^.-).
~ahaii,, gara-gara nak menyiapkan pending orders~

#2 - order Kak Siti from JB
She requested 2 pencil cases for her beloved nephew, color and design diserahkan bulat-bulat pada saya untuk memutuskannye, hee.

first pencil case for Asyiqin [8 years old]
.I've pick candy color [blue and pink] as the main theme.
.with cute little elephant & love ballon.
.and double layered felt for its body.

the other one was for Nurul [17 years old]
memandangkan Nurul ni budak yg kire dah tahap remaja,, so I've pick sweet color theme, combination of purple and pink.
.with flowers and bee.
.also double layered felt for its body.
cuma yg ni besar sket, as requested by Kak Siti sebab budak Nurul ni banyak stationary, especially pen kaler-kaler.

Kak Siti also requested 3 pillows for her nephew, tp blum siap ~ still on crafting,, will post the final result soon.

Pada sesiapa yg nak meng'order' pencil case macam gambar-gambar di atas ni, boleh la pm je sy kat facebook,, senang sket nak reply (^.^).


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